Facta Non Verba.

My name is Daniel. I am mix-breed artist / engineer. I operate out of the mid-west for the public sector… I make things.

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My past professional work history, 2005 through today.

dec 2019 - today
Research & Development Lead Product Engineer for Tactical Solutions at World Wide Technology
St. Louis, Missouri
dec 2017 - dec 2019
Product Architect at World Wide Technology
St. Louis, Missouri
aug 2013 - dec 2017
UX Designer / Front End Engineer at World Wide Technology
St. Louis, Missouri
nov 2008 - may 2013
Senior Designer / Application Developer at Table XI
Chicago, Illinois
may 2007 - sept 2008
Senior Designer at closerlook
Chicago, Illinois
may 2005 - apr 2007
Designer at Arthur Agency
Carbondale, Illinois
aug 2001 - may 2005
Student at SIUC - Fine Art / Art History - Deans List
Carbondale, Illinois


I get to work along side some of the smartest people to solve the hardest problems.

My Life

A glimpse into my life via Instagram.

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