Based off the launch-able chemical sensor, Firefly is a 360 launch-able / throw-able flashlight. It’s intended use is to provide operators illumination in confined spaces. The current CONPOP for operators is to tape a handful of chemical sticks together – this was explained to me as cumbersome, wasteful and overall not very efficient.

While we plan to build our own PCBs for this project, we have started by using six LED light bars bought from Amazon. These light have been re-purposed from light bars created for remote control cars. Firefly is being powered by two CR2 3v batteries ran in series to increase the voltage to 6v. The operating voltage of these lights is 4-7v. Each light bar measures 48 x 12 x 2 and features 12 high powered surface mounted LEDs to create a total to 72 LEDs.

The base structure that houses the light bars and the batteries is designed in a hexagonal “snowflake” design. This will provide light in all directions and will be able to fit within the specifications for a 40MM projectile.